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Why Unflavored Protein Powder Should Be a Staple in Your Pantry

Let's be frank about this: “Unflavored” isn't typically something that we look for in most of our foods. And, when it comes to protein powders, the market is stuffed with all sorts of tempting (and sometimes confusing) flavors. But, there are some very good reasons for you to opt for unflavored protein powder. In fact, unflavored protein powder should be a regular staple in your pantry. Why? Staying Clean The primary reason that many people chose to avoid flavored protein powders has to do with how those flavors are achieved. If you read the ingredients list of the common protein powder, there will doubtlessly be tons of different substances named, including the vague and somewhat ominous “natural and artificial flavorings.” Understandably, this makes people nervous. Often those flavorings contain potentially harmful chemicals. Of course, this isn't always the case. Occasionally, the flavor just comes from things you may prefer not to ingest – like ground up beetles. Unflavored protein powders, however, are free from these additives and therefore offer you a clean, nutritionally-rich alternative. All Sorts of Uses But unflavored protein powders also have a distinct advantage over their flavored counterparts in that they can be used in virtually any way you can imagine. Since they are not already flavored in any specific way, unflavored protein powders can work as a sort of culinary blank slate, offering nutrition and texture to any recipe without influencing the flavor. Of course, you can add an unflavored protein powder to nearly any combination of smoothies and shakes you can think of. This is also convenient because you will no longer be limited by the ingredients you have on hand. If, for example, you only had a cookie dough flavored protein powder and you wanted to add some fiber but only had... say, kale or spinach on hand, that may not end so well. With unflavored protein powders, however, any ingredients that you have to work with will do. Interestingly, unflavored protein powders also have tons of other non-shake culinary uses. Sauces, soups and salad dressing can all be a vessel for protein powders which, in addition to upping the nutritional value, will help thicken the dish. Unflavored protein powders are also extremely easy to bake with. Again, the powder can infuse some extra nutritional power into the meal but it can often be used as a substitute for flour. Having unflavored protein powder on hand, then, allows you to use the powder in plenty of ways that flavored variety just would not be able to handle. Read More: Which Protein Powder Is Best for Me? When Should I Take Protein? The 5 Biggest Protein Powder Myths

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