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Amino acids, under various names, get a lot of attention. And for good reason. As you might remember from high school biology class, amino acids are widely – and correctly – known as the “building blocks of life.” Put simply, these small substances are used within your body to build every tissue that makes up your being. They even help control levels of certain hormones and impact a wide variety of biological systems. Clearly, then, amino acids are important. Routinely, though, one amino a...

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There are tons of different substances out there that are all purported to be incredibly useful for bodybuilders. Of these, though, only a few can be backed up by reliable science. The amino acid glutamine, fortunately, is of this rare number. But, what is glutamine? Read on to find out exactly how glutamine benefits bodybuilding. What Is Glutamine? As mentioned, glutamine is an amino acid. Specifically, it's a conditionally essential amino acid – which means that, although your body...

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