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5 Benefits of Using Egg White Protein Powder for Recovery

Eggs are an incredible source of protein and other nutrients. In fact, for a long time, they were the protein supplement of choice. And then egg white protein powder offered a more convenient take on this classic choice. Granted, in many circles, whey has largely replaced egg white protein powder but it still has plenty of unique advantages. Here are just five benefits of using egg white protein powder for recovery. 1) Improved Protein Synthesis When you work out and challenge your muscles, you're actually harming them. Sure, that damage is done at the microscopic level but that's all it takes. Those tiny tears tell your brain that your muscles not only need to be repaired but that they need to be built up stronger so that they are better prepared for next time. To do this, your body needs the raw materials from which muscles are built. Namely, your body requires amino acids, which just happen to be the thing that proteins are made from. Taking a protein-rich supplement like egg white protein powder, then, makes sure that you have plenty of amino acids available to rebuild your muscles after your workouts. 2) Muscle Sparing But what happens if exercise causes that damage to your muscles and they don't have the fuel necessary to rebuild? Of course, your muscles won't grow – meaning that you won't see any of the benefits that you're looking for, from all that time at the gym. But you'll also start to plateau in your progress. Even more seriously, you could sustain an injury by repeating asking your muscles to do something that they are now unprepared to do. Or what if you work out without enough fuel in your system to provide the energy that you need? When carbs and fat aren't present in high enough levels, your body will actually turn to protein for fuel. Generally, it will go for the protein present in your blood stream first. When that's not enough, though, it will start to break down your muscle fibers. So, using egg white protein powder to make sure that you have enough protein in your system protects your muscles and ensures that they can grow without risk of injury. 3) Improved Performance Since your muscles are free to respond properly to exercise, they can gradually get bigger, faster and stronger. This means that, from one workout to the next, you're going to see more improvement. When you do workout, you'll also be better prepared for the challenges to come. 4) Fat-free Many of the benefits listed so far have been things that you can expect from just about any protein powder. Egg white protein powder is fairly unique, though, in that it's pretty much free of any fat. Since it's made out of the whites and does not contain of the of the fatty yolk, you're only getting protein from that powder – which just a small amount of carbs. 5) Dairy-free Often, people shy away from whey and casein because they can't handle dairy products – whether they're lactose intolerant or allergic to casein. Egg white protein powder, however, is free of both those potential problems. Read More: Egg White Protein vs. Whey Protein: Which is better? On-the-Run Egg White Protein Breakfast Muffins How to Use Egg White Protein Powder in Recipes

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