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Can You Use Pea Protein Powder on The Flexitarian Diet?

When it comes to diet and food choices, you have tons of options. Of course, the two main classifications tend to be omnivorous or herbivorous but, there's also something in between. Flexitarianism, also known as semi-vegetarianism, presents a unique dietary lifestyle that offers many benefits. Essentially, a flexitarian is a vegetarian who sometimes eats meat and/or fish. That' it. But, with any diet, questions sometimes come up about what is or is not appropriate. And, since flexitarianism emphasizes plant-based foods, it may be a challenge to meet your protein intake while following this diet. So, protein powders could be a valuable tool. There's another obstacle, however: Many protein powders are based on whey or casein – which are derived from dairy and may not fit into your version of flexitarianism. What options are you left with then? How about pea protein powder? What's Your Take? Before we get into the little-known, under-appreciated pea protein powder, let's talk a little bit about flexitarianism. Own of the major benefits of this dietary style is also one of the biggest challenges that it presents: extreme flexibility. Although you are expected to get most of your calorie from plant-based foods, including seeds and nuts, you can also include some animal products. But there are tons of different versions of this. Some experts divide the day, like Mark Bittman, advocate cutting up the day and being vegan for most of it. In Bittman's case, he argues from being “vegan before 6:00” in his book by the same name. Others think in terms of the entire week – designating meatless days. Regardless of your exact style, however, the important thing is that you add more vegetarian options to your diet while subtracting animal-based foods. When it comes to protein powder, then, a vegan option like pea protein powder could be perfect. Why Pea? But there are plenty of different plant-based protein powders available. Why should you use pea protein powder over some of these other candidates? For one thing, pea protein powder is free from an allergens and has no ill effects. The same cannot be said from soy products which carry both the risk of severe allergic reactions and even possible hormonal disruptions. And, of course, pea protein powder is a rich source of many nutrients – not just protein. Along with that titular macronutrient, peas are loaded with vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that can improve many aspects of your health and well-being. Pea protein powder is also low in fats and contains slow-digesting carbohydrates that will have a minimal impact on your blood sugar and energy levels. Pea protein powder, then, offers a plant-based, nutrient dense protein source that flexitarians can use to meet their nutritional needs and stay within the limitations of their diet. Read More: 10 Easy Ways to Boost Plant Protein in a Vegan Diet Best Pea Protein Smoothie Recipes What Is Raw Vegan Protein Powder?

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