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Gluten Free Protein Pizza Recipe

For the gluten-free athletes out there, pizza can present a terrible challenge. For one thing, it's pizza. And who doesn't want pizza? But, it's pretty challenging to manage the clean removal of gluten from a bread-based meal. Of course, there are other challenges involved. Specifically, pizza isn't exactly well-rounded from a nutritional perspective – depending on what toppings you opt for. Fortunately, there are options. In fact, this gluten free protein pizza recipe, allows you to solve both problems at once; removing the gluten while infusing more protein. Check it out. Crust Combine the ingredients in a blender until the mixture resembles pancake batter. Prepare a non-stick pan with cooking spray and allow the pan to heat over a high flame. Once the pan is hot, pour the batter in and spread it out evenly. Lower the heat medium and cook on both sides. Remove the crust from the pan and – on a baking pan - add your toppings, including sauce, cheese and anything else you would like. Put the topped pizza under the broiler on low for 15 minutes or until the cheese is thoroughly melted. Read More: Plant Based Protein Benefits 3 Myths About Plant Protein Powder Best Protein Powder for Vegans

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