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Grass-Fed Whey Protein Advantages

As our understanding of the human body (gradually) increases, it's becoming increasingly clear that what we eat isn't the only thing that matters when it comes to nutrition. That much has been pretty apparent for a long time. But science is now beginning to demonstrate that what our food eats can also have a powerful impact on our health. For example, health conscious carnivores have been favoring grass-fed cows over grain-fed animals based on studies indicating that grass-fed beef is nutritionally superior and that grass feeding is just better for the animals, as well as the environment. It's logical, then, to conclude that milk and – by extension – whey produced from grass-fed cows would have some significant advantages over the more conventional options. What are some of the advantages of grass-fed whey protein, though?  High Quality Protein Protein is constructed of many smaller substances, called amino acids. These amino acids are frequently called the “building blocks of life” since they literally make up every part of your body. In addition to working as raw materials, amino acids control a staggering number of biological functions from thinking ability to immune responses and muscle synthesis. Some amino acids can be made by your body from scratch while others must be taken in through your diet. The quality of a protein source is judged by the amount of amino acids that it provides, with a “complete protein” providing every amino acid your body cannot make itself. Like all whey, grass-fed whey protein is complete. Among these amino acids, however, Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) have the greatest amount of interest to fitness enthusiasts and athletes. These three BCAAs - Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine – play a major role in muscle building and repair, with the ability to ultimately improve the quality and effectiveness of your workouts. Grass-fed whey protein has higher levels of BCAAs than traditionally sourced whey proteins and, overall, has a more effective amino acid profile – giving you higher levels of those amino acids with greater importance. Absorption and Other Features Bioavailability – how easy or difficult it is for your body to use a nutrient once it's ingested – is an incredibly important and often overlooked aspect of supplements. Compared to other whey products, grass-fed whey protein is more readily absorbed – and is therefore more useful. This is especially key since most people who use whey products use them for recovery after a workout, when the protein needs to hit your system as quickly as possible It's also important that we not ignore the “big picture” role that grass-feeding plays in both the health of the cows and the environment. Grass-fed cows are allowed to pasture, generally giving them a highly quality of life. They are also not fed GMOs or give hormones to stimulate milk production. Feeding the cows on grass also has a significantly lower energy cost than feedlot practices and is therefore more environmentally friendly. Naked Whey is an all-natural, grass-fed whey protein that aids in recovery and the development of lean muscle. We are proud that our farmers have stuck with traditional dairy farming practices which not only enhance the cows’ lives, but also our own. Read More: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Grass-Fed Whey Top 5 Organic Whey Protein Smoothie Bowl Recipes Portable Whey Protein Powder Snacks for Those On-The-Go

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