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Holiday Gifts for Athletes, Gym Rats and Vegans

For many people, deciding exactly what to pick up as gifts for the various people in your life can be one of the single most stressful aspects of the holiday season. Fortunately, if they happen to be into health and fitness, you at least have an idea of where to start. From there, we're here to help. Here are, in no particular order, some of our picks for holiday gifts for athletes, gym rats and vegans that won't totally drain your bank account.
  • The Run Lock ($45) - When you go running, particularly at a track or trail, what do you do with your keys and other small odds-and-ends? Some runners will just carry them and deal with the jingling annoyance. Others will try to stash them away in their pockets. A few try to hide their keys in wheel wells or elsewhere on their vehicles. Some particularly creative – and brave – souls will tuck a single car key into their shoes. The Run Lock, though, offers a sturdy solution to this ever-present problem. A solid lock with over 10,000 possible combinations, this lock can be affixed to a roof rack, door handle, tow hitch or any number of other spots on your car. But what really makes the Run Lock useful for the athlete in your life is the large, secure pocket that it features – designed to house even big keys and remotes.
  • Appetite for Reduction Cookbook ($20) - Vegans often have to learn to be pretty self-sufficient in this omnivorous world we live in. Through Appetite For Reduction, the vegan in your life can pick up some amazing and surprising vegan recipes from famed chef, Isa Chandra Moskowitz.
  • Matador Droplet ($15) - Housed in a small, teardrop-shape keychain is one of the single most useful accessories we've ever seen. The waterproof, 9in x 10.5in Droplet bag is designed to contain things. Whatever that means to you. If your athlete needs to keep their soaked swimsuit separate from the rest of their clothes, they can toss it in the bag. Conversely, keys, cameras, phones and other hydrophobic whatnots can be tucked away into Droplet to keep them dry. Some even use it to store potentially messy foods in otherwise unwelcoming environments – like gym bags or brief cases.  It should be noted that Droplet is not designed to protect against complete submersion.
  • Vegan Cuts Snack Box ($20/month) - The snacking world is not a friendly one for vegans. Not only can be extremely difficult to find truly vegan foods, many aren't entirely “healthy” - relying largely on additives, sugar and incredible amounts of salt to cover over lapses in flavor. Enter the Vegan Cuts Snack Box. Buy your favorite vegan a subscription to this snack service and ensure that they get a steady supply of delicious and healthy snacks to help keep them fueled.
  • Reptile Calf Sleeves ($55) - If you have Crossfitters and/or weightlifters in your life, you are well aware of the damage a workout can do to calves. Deadlifts, box jumps, rope climbs and countless other exercise can do some pretty startling damage to your athlete's shins. The “scales” of the Reptile Calf Sleeve, though, are designed to reduce the bruising and cuts that shins have to deal with. The sleeves are also padded to lessen impact forces.
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