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How Does Goat Whey Protein Taste?

Despite the fact that it's widely used all over the world, American's seem to have an inborn aversion to all things goat. Whether it's the meat itself or products made from the animal's milk, people just tend to do what they can to avoid it. And the same is generally true for goat whey protein powder. The Benefits of Goat Whey Typically, the problem is that people have certain negative expectations when it comes to how any goat product will taste. Which is sad, since goat whey protein has all of the benefits of the standard whey derived from cow's milk, with far fewer digestive side effects. For starters, goat whey protein has less lactose and is generally well-received by people with lactose-intolerance. Interestingly, though, goats milk is also rich in a prebiotic called oligosaccharides – which encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria that can positively influence your digestion. So, yes, goat whey protein is great. But What About the Taste? Still, we're left with that big question: How does goat whey protein taste? Just like anything else, the taste of goat whey is going to be largely dependent of the way the goat was treated and how the whey was processed. The diet and overall health of the animal will have a massive impact – for good or bad – on the end-product. But it's also possible for the milk to be burned during processing or to be otherwise treated with chemicals that can negatively affect the taste. For the best taste, then, you want to stick with a product like Naked Goat – which uses minimally processed whey sourced from pasture-fed goats. But none of this actually answers the question about the taste of goat whey protein. To get a better idea of what you can expect, let's look that the user reviews left on Amazon of Naked Goat – totally 87. Combined, the average rating of users is 4.6 stars. Of all of those reviews the vast majority (76 and 13 percent respectively) were 5- and 4-stars. Very few users had any issue with the taste, even when they went into it expecting a negative experience. One five-star review put it this way: “I have read where others didn't care for the taste but I found it delicious. It mixes well with water and I didn't feel bloated like I do with whey from cows’ milk. I'll definitely be reordering this product.” So, while some people felt as long the taste was too strong and – for lack of a better word - “goaty,” the overwhelming majority have no issues. Many actually reported that Naked Goat had little-to-no taste at all. Again, the way that the product is handled long before it reaches you is going to have a major influence on the taste. If the whey comes from animals that are allowed to live naturally, eat wholesome food and is minimally-processed, the resulting whey should have an extremely subtle, delicious taste. Read More: Goat Whey Protein vs. Cow Whey Protein Naked Goat and Naked Creatine Featured on Why Unflavored Protein Powder Should Be a Staple in Your Pantry

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