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How Is Egg White Protein Powder Made?

Eggs have struggled to maintain their reputation for a very long time. Throughout various decades, eggs have been depicted as both dietary heroes and villains. The truth, though, is that eggs are a rich source of protein – even if the controversial yolks do contain a fair amount of fat. This protein, however, which is packed into the whites of the egg has even been isolated and prepared into a protein powder. But, that's kind of a strange thought. How, exactly, is egg white protein powder made? Why does it matter? Powdering Eggs In general, most egg white protein powders are made in roughly the same way. The whites are separated from the yolks, pulverized and then dehydrated. Most of the time, the egg whites are liquified for easy storage and shipped to the processing facility. The liquid egg whites could sit for days before they are dried. Of course, at this point, manufacturers tend to take a ton of liberties. Flavorings, preservatives, dyes and tons of other additives are usually tossed into the egg white protein powder. Typically, these eggs are taken from the cheapest sources possible, with little or no consideration given to the quality of the farming practices. The Naked Nutrition Difference Naked Nutrition, though, does things a little differently. First, the eggs that go into our egg white protein powder are sourced only U.S. farms that keep their hens far away from any genetically modified organisms (GMOs). From there, the whites are dried into a fine powder which is never liquified. The entire process is done in under a day. This speed is maintained so that the nutrients found in the egg whites remains intact and undergoes minimal amounts of processing. As with all Naked Nutrition products, our egg white protein powder has no unnecessary additives. The only ingredient in the tub besides egg whites is sunflower lecithin, a healthy fat which helps to thicken the resulting beverage. Read More: Egg White Protein vs. Whey Protein: Which is better? 5 Benefits of Using Egg White Protein Powder for Recovery On-the-Run Egg White Protein Breakfast Muffins

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