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Rainy Day Workouts for April Showers

Thanks to warmer weather and longer days, spring is an exciting time of year. Unfortunately, it's also a very rainy time of year. For the athletes out there who've been impatiently waiting all winter for the chance to get outside, this can be a very frustrating development. So, to help you get around it, here are five rainy day workouts for April showers. Take A Class Those rainy days could be the perfect push you need to squeeze some cross training in your usual routine. And there are lots of ways that you can get this done. Classes, though, are a great option. Why? Rainy days can sap your motivation. Having a set class to follow – complete with some positive peer pressure – can keep you focused on motivated. To make the best of the situation, select a class that will develop a skill that works well with your regular activity. Runners, for example, could benefit from the strength and mobility aspects of Pilates training. Of course, you can also use something like spinning or Zumba to keep working on your endurance well giving your running muscles a break and getting out of the weather. Grab A Video If you don't have a gym membership – or just hate classes – the internet has the solution. There are tons of video workouts out there that can accomplish the same thing in the comfort of your home. These can be found on YouTube, independent websites or even on certain streaming channels. Of course, you could also purchase workouts on DVD. This option though will cost you significantly more than the free videos that litter the internet and lock you in to doing the same workout each time. Machines It seems obvious, but we can't ignore the fact that running and other outdoor workouts can simply be moved inside with the help of proper equipment. This path, though, will cost you. A quality treadmill can start at about $1,200 and take up a fair amount of space in your home. So, this just may not be practical for everyone. Keep in mind, too, that your stride on a treadmill will be slightly different than when you're running outside on the road. So, once you do get back out in the elements, things might feel a little different and you could lose some time. Similar principles apply for cyclists, as well. Unlike treadmills, though, stationary bikes could be extremely useful for training for the roads since you can easily adjust the amount of resistance you face. Strength Training As mentioned, cross training is always a good idea. Not only can it help to improve aspects of your training that might otherwise be neglected but switching things up will also give your muscles a break to prevent overuse injuries. Strength training will build up the muscles you typically use in your primary sport so that they are... well, stronger. As a result, you'll perform better and have a lower risk of injury. When it comes to strength training, you have lots of options. Of course, there's the traditional weightlifting. But this requires large, bulky equipment and may not be a viable option. Fortunately, you can achieve an extremely effective workout with just your bodyweight and a pull-up bar. Gear Up Or, you could just work out in the rain. That's fine, too. And very hardcore. If you do decide to head out in the weather, dress accordingly. Pick clothes that will not absorb the moisture in the air and get bulky or heavy. Be aware, too, that the rain will make the ground slick and generally a bit more dangerous. Read More: 7 Essentials to Look For In Your Whey Protein Powder The 4 Forms of Whey Protein and Which is Best Naked Banana Protein Waffles – Featured on

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