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When to Take Creatine Powder

Creatine powder is, by far, the most widely studied and commonly used sports supplement out there. In fact, thanks to “proprietary blends” people often take creatine powder as part of their other supplement without ever knowing it. There is one debate, however, that continues to rage surrounding the ever-popular supplement: When is the best time to take creatine powder? What Does Creatine Do? To be able to answer that question, it's important to first understand precisely how creatine works and why it is so very useful. A grasp of these mechanisms will help everything regarding timing make more sense. Once inside your system – whether it's taken as a supplement or made by the body – creatine, becomes part of the creatine phosphate energy system. Remember that. Now, as you might remember from high school biology, your body's primary form of energy is adenosine triphosphate or ATP, a compound that contains three phosphate molecules. Unfortunately, your body can only store adenosine diphosphate – meaning that one phosphate molecule is still needed to produce that necessary fuel. Creatine, which is easily packed away inside your muscles, provides that last phosphate. In this way, creatine speeds up and facilitates energy production during workouts. The Best Time to Take Creatine Powder So, then, when should you take creatine? Again, it needs to be present for your workouts. Taking creatine about 30 minutes before your workouts will make sure that you have enough fuel in your muscles to get you through your workout and even be able to perform a little more than you normally would. However, that creatine gets used as you exercise. And fuel is still needed after your workout ends to make sure that you fully recover. After all, that recovery period is when your muscles actually grow and improve. Plus, your muscles are starved for nutrients following an intense workout and quickly gobble up everything that they can. Providing them with creatine will ensure that your creatine stores get refilled and that you have the energy you need to fully recover. Creatine Powder: In Short... Really, the best time to take creatine is both before and after your workouts. This will give you the needed boost for the workout that you're about to do while also helping you get ready for the next one. Read More: Does Creatine Work? Is Creatine Safe? Liquid Creatine vs Powdered Creatine

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