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Why Goat Whey Protein Is Good for Your Skin

People use goat whey protein for lots of reasons. They might prefer its taste or its nutritional profile or they might just not be able to stomach cow's milk. Generally, though, people aren't aware of some of the other benefits that goat whey protein has over its bovine counterpart. Specifically, goat whey protein can offer quite a few benefits for you skin that many aren't aware of. Here's some of the science behind why goat whey protein is good for your skin. Good Fats A large component of goat's milk is medium chain fatty acids, a unique group of fats that have recently been the focus of a ton of research, exploring their benefits for everything from weight loss to cancer treatment. But these fats – together with the triglycerides also found in goat whey – can benefit you externally as well. Essentially, these healthy fats function as extremely potent moisturizes, helping your skin to look at feel healthy, smooth and soft. Vitamin A The antioxidant vitamin A is another nutrient found in large quantities in goat whey that has shown tons of promise for a variety of aspects of health. When it comes to skin-care, vitamin A can help in at least two ways that we know of. First, as mentioned, the vitamin is a powerful antioxidant – meaning that it helps fight against damage to your skin cells. Not only does this prevent certain conditions, but it also helps keep your skin looking young and healthy. Closely related to its antioxidant-action, vitamin A has also been shown to promote normal production of keratin – the protein that makes up the largest portion of your skin. Although the exact mechanism isn't fully understood, we do know that vitamin A prevents both the under- and over-production of keratin, maintaining the balance needed for healthy skin. Lactic Acid Although we generally think of lactic acid – a by-product of energy production in your muscles – as a bad thing, this is very far from the truth. As science digs deeper into this subject, we're learning that lactic acid is actually a valuable part of the energy production cycle and plays several vital roles in your body. Of these oft-unappreciated benefits of lactic acid is its ability to cleans your skin. The lactic acid found in goat whey can help to remove both dead skin cells and excess bacteria from your skin, keeping your pores clear and functioning the way that they should. Read More: Goat Whey Protein vs. Cow Whey Protein Naked Goat and Naked Creatine Featured on Why Unflavored Protein Powder Should Be a Staple in Your Pantry

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