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Why You Should Have a Protein Shake for Breakfast

You know that breakfast is important – you've heard that since you were a kid from your mom, your teacher and just about everyone else you've ever met. Still, breakfast is also kind of hard. Of course, there's the whole challenge of actually preparing and eating something first thing in the morning with enough time left over to get out the door. But then there's also the issue of content. The fact is that most people just break their fasts wrong. Fortunately, there's the protein shake. How can a breakfast protein shake help you achieve your goals? Convenience and Adaptability First, there's the fact that a delicious, nutritious protein shake can literally be prepared in seconds. Of course, you can go the most basic route and simply throw some protein powder into water or milk. There's really nothing wrong with that. But you could get much more creative. Your breakfast protein shake could take on a variety of flavors and include tons of different fruits and vegetables – making it both more filling and more nutritionally balanced. Either way, that shake can easily be brought with you and enjoyed on your commute – something few breakfast options can offer. Weight Control More importantly, that breakfast protein shake could be a powerful tool to help you control your weight and reach your fitness goals. But how? A high-protein breakfast – one that includes at least 35g of the macro – has been shown to greatly reduce the likelihood of weight gain through uncontrolled snacking during the day. But similar benefits can also be expected from breakfasts that contain slightly lower concentrations of protein, simply because protein is filling. Because it has a more complex chemical structure than carbohydrates and fat, protein takes longer for your body to digest and therefore leaves you feeling fuller longer. A breakfast protein shake, then, can help to set the nutritional tone for the day and help you avoid any... dietary mishaps later on. But replacing the traditional high-carb breakfast with a high-protein also helps you to avoid some classic pitfalls that people face when they make poor food choices. When you first wake up, your cortisol levels are naturally at the perfect levels – giving you a boost in energy and encouraging your body to burn fat stores. This is what you want. Carbohydrates, however, blunt that response causing you to burn less fat throughout the rest of the day. Carbohydrates also cause a dramatic increase in your blood sugar levels, which triggers a massive spike in insulin. This hormone, in turn, tells your body to quickly store any and all nutrients that are kicking around in your blood stream. That means that any free fat that might have been used for fuel now gets stored. The insulin also causes your blood sugar levels to rapidly drop, sapping your energy levels and increasing your food cravings. Specifically, this state makes you want more sugary foods that just repeat the cycle. A quality breakfast protein shake, then, can keep your hormones and your overall metabolism functioning properly. Read More: How to Flavor Your Protein Shake Blueberry Banana Protein Shake Top 10 Breakfast Protein Sources

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